May 19, 2010

In South Korea, non-profit label Eco Party Mearry (with a very beautiful premise of ‘Eco-Hearted Design for Saving the Earth’) has teamed up with L.A. accessories designers Poketo with a new line of ‘eco bags’ made from recycled material.  What’s exciting about that I hear you ask.  Haven’t Sainsbury’s and the like been pushing us eco-bags for a number of years already?  Not only do these bags look cool and fit with the eco-tends of late, but it’s the ‘brand’ element that really caught my eye.  The bags are made from recycled Korean billboards.  This seems like a really interesting way of making that ad campaign last a little bit longer, even after the media space has expired. Can that large crop of a logo on a recycled bag become part of a lengthier and more sustainable campaign with a CSR aspect at play? Clothes made out of recycled packaging and jewellery made from bottle tops and beer crowns – never say never.  See and for more.

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